Beyonce’s Surprise Album Sells 80,000 Copies In Three Hours


Last night at 9:00pm PT, Beyonce threw a curve ball and secretly released a new self-titled album on iTunes. Dubbed as an “exclusive visual album,” the project was placed on iTunes for $15.99 and featured fourteen new tracks and videos with guest appearances by Drake, Jay Z, Frank Ocean, Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche and her daughter Blue Ivy.

In just a three-hour sales window (closing at midnight Friday PT), Beyonce reportedly sold over 80,000 copies, according to industry sources. It’s hard to judge what her final number will be at the end of the tracking week (which ends Sunday night), but judging by her numbers now it could easily surpass the 200,000 mark.

Beyonce’s last studio album “4” sold 310,000 in its debut week in July of 2011, but that was with a full sales week and a marketing/media team to back it.

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