Ebro Interviews Lil Yachty on Beats 1


Lil Yachty recently sat down with his arch-nemesis Ebro for a sit-down interview on Apple Beats 1. Yachty decided to use the platform to clean up his remarks on calling Biggie “overrated.” He acknowledged that Biggie was a spitter and he respects him, but that wasn’t his era.

Until about two weeks ago, I had never listened to a Biggie song. I’ve listened to all his songs now. Update: I listened to the whole Ready to Die album. I’m not gon’ sit here and lie and say that I bump him, but I know for a fact he was spitting.

He also admits he isn’t educated on any 2Pac records. Lastly, check out a freestyle he did over ‘Flava In Ya Ear’ in where he goes in on Funk Flex.

Funkmaster Flex, please stop talking about me / Unless you finna play my songs then don’t talk about me / Old man, here’s a bar: I hope you fall into a hole where there’s no sun and stars.

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