INeedARaze Ft Joie G – The Future


Although waxing nostalgic can sometimes provide relief while living in the “now,” too much focus on the past can be detrimental. INeedARaze is aware of this, and on his latest single, “The Future,” the Washington Heights-reared emcee is careful to dip into days bygone, chipping away at past mistakes in order not to repeat them.

As with his previous release, “Silent Night,” Raze’s latest effort is bathed in cool, jazzy vibes, thanks to some incredible saxophone contributions from Glen Mauser, and go-to producer Rusty Mack’s (of Harry Fraud’s SRFSCL) innate musicianship, coupled with songbird Joie G who provides the song’s hook — giving the new single a sense of grandiosity.

Always the forward observer, a fearless Raze drops slick lines like “Don’t know where I am, it’s too blurry / Know where I wanna be so I’m moving in a hurry / Focused on my target so I ain’t got time to worry,” before the third and final act pushes the song into a melodic paradise.

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