Jaidyn – Hood All Day (Prod. by Espy)


Following successful drops including “Blow” and “Birthday,” North Philadelphia rapper Jaidyn continues to build anticipation for his new album, ‘Because I Can,’ with the release of a straight-up slapper, “Hood All Day.”

The Espy-produced track may be a banger made for “ridin’ around the hood all day,” but it’s also a stark look into the rough streets that raised Jaidyn. Through his harrowing depictions of addicts fiending for crack, and prostitutes searching for their next john, the North Philly native has seen exactly just how difficult life can be. And he paints the picture vividly for outsiders with clever wordplay and sharp observations.

But there’s an optimism dwelling beneath the pain and paranoia. Jaidyn makes his hopes and dreams clear in the first few bars of his otherwise-bleak second verse: “They just stole my battery out my Honda Civic/ F*ck that sh*t, it’s motivation, ‘cause I gotta get it/ Tom Cruise, I’m on a mission, put it in fruition/ I’ve been givin’ you the game, you just gotta listen.”

Stay on the lookout for more leaks and exclusives off ‘Because I Can,’ and keep “Hood All Day” in rotation, and bangin’ out your speakers. The single is now available through all other major digital retailers and streaming outlets.

iTunes Purchase: Hood All Day – Single – Jaidyn

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