NBA: Miami Heat vs Los Angeles Lakers (Live Stream)


Kobe Bryant won’t be on the court after suffering a fracture in his knee last week. This latest injury is expected to sideline the five-time champion for six weeks.

Adding to the drama was Lakers Coach Mike D’Antoni’s recent comments after the team’s 19-point loss to the Golden State Warriors.

“Why would I be discouraged?” D’Antoni said when a reporter suggested fans have become discouraged by the team’s slow start (via ESPN). “We’re fighting with a bunch of good guys that played well before, and they’ll play [well] again. If [the fans] are discouraged, then, you know, find another team to root for. I’m all right. We’re not going to give up. Are you kidding me? Discouraged? That’s not even fair to these guys.”

The Heat meanwhile, continue to show that it is the team that won back-to-back NBA titles. At 21-6, Miami is off to the best start in franchise history.

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