Swizz Beatz, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar & Usher at Super Bowl 50 together (Video)

kendrick swizz jay z

During last night’s Super Bowl 50, Swizz Beatz took to his social media to upload a memorable 10 second video of his son Egypt talking to Kendrick Lamar. He captioned the moment by saying “Egypt holding court selling Beatz to Kendrick.” As the video pans out, you can see Jay Z and Usher hanging out in the same suite as Swizz and Kendrick.

In other news, Usher took to his Snapchat to upload a quick selfie-video of Jay Z and Beyonce. This clip went viral because Jay Z has no idea what Snapchat is. (See Snapchat video below)

Swizz Beatz, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar & Usher at the Super Bowl together (Video)




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