Tanya Morgan – Trunk Shit (Video)

tanya morgan trunk

The always-dope duo of Tanya Morgan are back on their “Trunk Shit” in their new video, which is brimming with bravado-laced bars from Von Pea and Donwill, with a bass-rich instrumental supplied by AEON for The Lessondary.

The banger stems from their highly anticipated new album, ‘YGWY$4’ (You Get What You Pay For) which drops today, and follows the release of hilarious lead single/video “Dirty Stayout.” Whereas that track centered on a tale of a one-night stand gone wrong, “Trunk Shit” is an all braggadocio bar-fest seen through the perceptive lens of Toine Jameson.

Von Pea and Donwill are clearly masters in this arena, with the latter taking some well-placed shots at critics who try to put the duo in a box. “They say that we ‘A Tribe Called De La’ or ‘Smaller Little Brother’/ All I know is that we do it better than the others.”

Don’s point is that while he and Von have made some ill-as-hell Boom bap joints to date—arguably “Trunk Shit” is among them—people need to stop trying to classify them as this or that. Anyone who’s heard all of their projects will say the same, and ‘YGWY$4’ further demonstrate Tanya Morgan’s versatility. Want proof?—just head over to the digital retailer of your choice and support this duo that’s been keeping your iPod and tape deck satisfied since ’05.

01. Started (prod. by Astronote)
02. Dirty Stayout (feat. Afaliah) [prod. by Fresh Sinatra]
03. VPND (prod. by Roddy Rod)
04. Trunk Shit (prod. by AEON for The Lessondary)
05. Louder (prod. by Brick Beats for The Lessondary)
06. Slow Me Down (feat. Jermiside) [prod. by Quelle Chris]
07. Cold Modelo (prod. by Kev Brown)
08. Ahead of You (prod. by brandUn Deshay)
09. Transplant Anthem (feat. Lee Sissing) [prod. by Astronote]
10. Peppermint (feat. Sunny Jones & Cyren Young) [prod. by Von Pea for The Lessondary]
11. Filthiest aka LESSLOWWITT!! (feat Ilyas) [prod. by The Beatmaker for The Lessondary]
12. Finish Line (feat. Cyren Young) [prod. by Astronote]

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